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Fall 2021 Newsletter Feature: Promoting Social Well-being

Q&A with Dr. Ted Robles, EngageWell Pod Co-Leader How can students improve or maintain their social well-being with our return to campus? Do things together – from fun stuff to studying. Talk to one another and share experiences, both the good ones but also the stressful ones. Reframe social interactions – yes they can be […]

Social Support: A Connection with Others

Navigating the world around us is hard, especially since we’ve lived through a global pandemic for over a year. While we can get busy with school, work, among other commitments as college students, it is extremely important to take care of ourselves. One form of self-care comes in the form of social support received from […]

Healthy Engagements: Giving during the Pandemic

As we start a new year, we continue living in a pandemic; one that has left many of us working from home, losing a job, or unfortunately lamenting a loved one’s loss. While staying at home is important, maintaining social relationships helps nurture our emotional health and social well-being. One way we can nurture our […]

Social Engagement with the Depression Grand Challenge

Due to the varied consequences of this pandemic, social engagement has transformed into a virtual setting. Fortunately, the Depression Grand Challenge has taken steps to unite the community together. In partnership with BeyGOOD, this UCLA organization has created the COVID-19 Care Package that includes resources as well as tools designed to lift moods and ease […]

Socially Engaging from Home

As quarantine still unfolds and you continue adjusting to change, your activities may consist of studying for your upcoming finals, wishing to see your friends in person, and playing another round of UNO with your family. In order to maintain positive energy in your household, you can keep yourself energized and productive with a variety […]

Social Distancing: A Talk with the EngageWell Pod

With this novel idea of “Safer at Home,” have you struggled with social detachment and distress? While physical distance may imply social distancing, it does not mean effacing the connections you have with others. Conversation among experts in the EngageWell Pod shine a light on maintaining social engagement during this time of physical distancing. EngageWell […]

The UCLA Piano Project

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as you are walking to your third class, or even a three-hour long lab, during the day? As a 2019 mark on campus, the UCLA Piano Project was launched as an effort to foster a sense of relaxation and tranquility. In the midst of midterm season, playing the pianos located […]

Making UCLA Accessibility Conscious

Every time I go on my Facebook, I see new events being held for movie screenings, networking events, and panels, all of which I am eager to participate in and learn more about. At these events, I  interact and meet others with similar interests, providing the basis of many friendships and connections. I see them […]

Resilient and Empathetic Leaders at UCLA

Resilient and Empathetic Leaders at UCLA UCLA is home to an enormous number of students, staff, and faculty. Passionate, accomplished, and revered individuals can be found in every corner of campus, from those that are developing drugs to cure forms of cancer to others who are collegiate-level athletes and winning NCAA championship titles. In this […]