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Creativity & the Arts in Healing

10-year-old Kara makes a collage featuring a large bird standing…

Get Involved: Out of the Darkness Campus Walk

It’s the beginning of Spring quarter — with only eight weeks…

How to stay grateful after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone; taking with it the feeling of…

Five Reasons Why Green Spaces are Awesome

Recently at our annual Celebration, the Healthy Campus Initiative…

Tango: A Story of Connection

By: Sharna Fabiano, UCLA World Arts & Cultures Tango has…

How to Conquer Loneliness in College

“College is going to be the best four years of your life.”…

Teaching Kitchen Connections: Social well-being through Food

On October 16th, I had the pleasure of attending a Teaching Kitchen…
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A New Perspective on Social Relations – The Liking Gap

With new classes, meetings, and events, the start of a new quarter…

Resilient and Empathetic Leaders at UCLA

Resilient and Empathetic Leaders at UCLA UCLA is home to an…
Accessibility 2

Making UCLA Accessibility Conscious

Every time I go on my Facebook, I see new events being held for…

The UCLA Piano Project

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as you are walking to your third…

Social Distancing: A Talk with the EngageWell Pod

With this novel idea of “Safer at Home,” have you struggled…
Journaling next to a cup of tea

Socially Engaging from Home

As quarantine still unfolds and you continue adjusting to change,…
Michelle Craske

Social Engagement with the Depression Grand Challenge

Due to the varied consequences of this pandemic, social engagement…
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