What is EngageWell?

The EngageWell pod aims to promote healthy social relationships at UCLA working in partnership with other constituencies. Our social relationships on campus have many forms including pairs, small and large social groups, work and living units, and the campus community as a whole.

Our specific pod goals are:

  • To foster new social connections at UCLA — through many avenues, across diverse groups of people, and for many purposes such as education, service, dialogue and enjoyment.
  • To enhance the quality of existing relationships, for example, through learning better relationship skills and current evidence on compassion and empathy, and stronger sense of belonging.
  • To promote positive social behaviors on campus including civility, acceptance and inclusiveness consistent with True Bruin values especially respect and integrity.

Have a question, concern, or an idea? We would like to hear about it!

Please contact us here! 

Or email us directly at engagewell@ucla.edu

EngageWell Leadership

Theodore Robles, Ph.D., EngageWell Co-Leader

Chris Dunkel Schetter, Ph.D., EngageWell Co-Leader

Peter Nooteboom, EngageWell GSR

Peter Nooteboom is a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) for the HCI EngageWell pod. He is also a second year in the Health Psychology doctoral program at UCLA. He primarily studies the effects of digital and in-person social support in those with chronic illnesses, and the factors that may lead to the beneficial application of digital based social support interventions. In his position as a GSR, he hopes to help translate evidence based practices for healthy social relationships to the UCLA campus.