Explore resources on-campus and off to promote inclusion, social well-being, accessibility, get involved, create social relationships, seek help for yourself or a friend, and more

Coping with loneliness

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EngageWell provides information about the implications of social isolation and helpful tools to combat loneliness. Gain insight to manage different forms of social anxiety from professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, and communications.

  • Addressing Loneliness
  • Reclaiming Conversation
  • Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection

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Peer Support and Education

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Interested in expanding your knowledge to maintain social well-being? UCLA provides access to peer support programs and training to promote healthy learning environments.

  • Intergroup Dialogue Program
  • GRIT Coaching Program
  • Staff Training & Development

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Academic Courses

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Learn more about the complexities of human interaction and the essential role of social relationships through UCLA classes related to EngageWell Pod’s mission.

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Campus Resources

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UCLA offers a variety of services and programs to support the social well-being of its students.

  • The Ashe Center
  • Bruin Resource Center
  • Center of Accessible Education

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