UCLA offers a wide variety of non-academic programs and activities to promote healthy social relationships. If you find something you feel would be a good addition to this list, please share it with us at

  • UCLA BRC: Intergroup Relations Program

    • The Intergroup Relations (IGR) Program, within the Bruin Resource Center (BRC), aims to cultivate a campus environment that is inclusive and promotes a sense of belonging for the students, staff and faculty of UCLA. IGR engages, supports and educates the UCLA community on issues of social identity, interpersonal and intergroup relations/conflict, prejudice reduction, and social justice, and imparts valuable multicultural skills to the UCLA community.
  • UCLA BRC: GRIT Peer Coaching Program

    • GRIT stands for guidance, resilience, integrity and transformation. In this program, UCLA students receive individualized support from trained peer coaches to manage stress, fostering positive social connections, set goals, and navigate campus resources.

    • The Resilience Peer Network (RPN) is a collective of UCLA undergraduate and graduate students trained to support fellow students. Our Resilience Peers are trained in active listening and empathic responding; boundaries, privacy, and ethics; applied positive psychology principles and resilience skills; motivational support to reinforce evidence-based treatment for stress, depression, and anxiety; and mindfulness approaches to resilience.
  • Staff Training & Development

    • Check out the many opportunities – classes and workshops, career programs, management development, UC institutes, and training certificate programs.